On Prince Edward Island, we take pride in supporting and preserving our aquaculture industry.  Together, we are committed to our three pillars to sustainable aquaculture. They include:

Environmental Protection - The environmental effects of our aquaculture operations must not compromise the air, water, and land for future generations. We are committed to continuously improving the environmental effects of our operations and minimizing the potential for adverse effects of aquaculture activities.

Economic Development - An important aspect of sustainable development is to assist in generational economic growth in our Island communities.  This is done through activities like aquaculture production through approximately 1,070 shellfish leases covering almost 18,000 acres in 19 bay systems around the Island.  The aquaculture industry also supports multiple service industries like transportation, diving companies, equipment manufactures, and other suppliers.

Social Equity
 – A sustainable industry must meet the needs of all people by allowing a positive standard of living and providing a good healthy product. The PEI aquaculture industry recognizes the cultural diversity of Island communities.  We are committed to developing a balanced understanding of the needs of the various aquatic stakeholders, and we're committed to minimizing negative impacts of their operations on their neighbours. 

True sustainable development cannot be dictated through laws and regulations.  It requires the contribution of all stakeholders. The Prince Edward Island aquaculture industry recognizes the interdependency between a vibrant, sustainable aquaculture industry and our three pillars.