Aquaculture Industries Participate in Shoreline Cleanup
To read the Shoreline Cleanup press release, please click here.

CBC: Ropes, buoys, toilets: Aquaculture Alliance annual beach cleanup underway
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Team Seafood Student Job Bonus Program 2021
The Team Seafood Student Job Bonus program is back for 2021!
Students returning to high school or attending/returning to post-secondary studies are eligible to receive a $1000 or $2000 completion bonus (respectively) from their employer upon working the required hours (250/500 hours). Skills PEI will fund employers for 75% of the completion b... More Details

Training Opportunities - Holland College
In collaboration with the PEI Aquaculture Alliance, Holland College has identified a number of training opportunities for the aquaculture industry. The courses, outline in the linked document, can be offered to groups of aquaculture industry employees where there are a sufficient number of participants.

Find Training Opportunities here.

If ... More Details

Wage Subsidy Programs
There are a number of Government of PEI wage subsidy programs available to employers. Ther linked document provides an overview of three programs where aquaculture industry employers may be eligible: Employ PEI, Rural Jobs Initiative, Graduate Mentorship Program.

Find Wage Subsidy Programs here.

If these programs are of interest to you and ... More Details

Co-op Funding Opportunities
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BioTalent Canada
Mitacs Programs
Government of Canada
Post-Secondary Student Program

Proposed 2021 Board Meeting Dates
 Find the Proposed 2021 Board Meeting Dates here.

Alliance April 2021 Newsletter
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PEIAA 2020 Annual Report
Click here for the PEIAA 2020 Annual Report.

Updated Workforce and HR Resources
To determine if any HR Resources or Workforce Funding Programs work for you, click here.

COVID-19 Business Support Program Summary
 We have produced a summary of the support programs that have been created to help deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.
If you have any questions on these programs please direct them to the program administrators. 

Latest updates from Federal and Provincial government for COVID-19 Business Support Programs located at the following link: 

COVID... More Details

Aquaculture Farm Assistance Program FAQ
*Free For Alliance Members*

What Is It?

Provides confidential, professional counselling services.

Who Qualifies?
Growers and their immediate family.

What Can It Help With?
A wide range of obstacles that affect your personal well-being and work performance. May include: work/family pressures, job stress, alcohol/drug dependency, or other conflict.

To access the FAQ, click here.

COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Toolkit for PEI Aquaculture Businesses
All Island businesses need to develop an operational plan during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This has been highlighted by the Provincial government (click here for more details).

The PEI Aquaculture Alliance has been hard at work on behalf of all our members, mussel, oyster and finfish farmers, and is happy to share this COVID-19 SOP ToolkitSi... More Details

Oyster Infrastructure and Training (OIT) Program
The purpose of Oyster Infrastructureand Training (OIT) Program is to assist oyster aquaculture operations to:
  1. Purchase  of  equipmentintended  to address  labour shortages  through  increased  product  handlingcapabilities,expand oyster seed rearing capacity,enhancetraceability and record keeping,orimprovethe maintenance of product quality ... More Details


2021 Shoreline Cleanup
This year May will be Shoreline Cleanup Month!

This year May will be Shoreline Cleanup Month!  That’s right, we are dedicating the whole Month of May to getting out there and cleaning up our shorelines.  Hopefully this extra time will allow all PEI leaseholders the opportunity to cleanup in their local area, whilst following Public Health guid... More Details