The PEI Aquaculture Alliance (PEIAA) is a non-profit, umbrella organization representing the PEI Cultured Mussel Growers Association (CMGA), the Island Oyster Growers Group (IOGG), and the PEI Finfish Association.  Membership for aquaculture industry members is via their representative sector association.  Membership of either one of the three sector associations automatically makes you a member of the Alliance.

Grower Membership Dues

PEI Cultured Mussel Growers Association (CMGA)
Membership for PEI Mussel Growers is collected via a levy of 0.15 cents per pound sold.  This levy is collected by participating processors and submitted to an idependent third party accountant, who then pay it to the Alliance.  Participating growers will receive an annual statement from the accountants detailing how much levy has been paid on their behalf.

Island Oyster Growers Group (IOGG)
Membership for PEI Oyster Growers is collected on an annual basis.  It is currently $200 plus HST

PEI Finfish Association
Membership for PEI Finfish Growers is collected on an annual basis.  It is currently $200 plus HST

New Member Rates for 2021
A new ranked category model, approved by all three sector Associations, will be implemented by January 1st, 2021.  For further details please see this information sheet.

Membership Benefits
Membership to your industry association can be very rewarding. Click here for a list of member benefits. 

There are also a number of discounts that our supplier members. and other vendors, have offered for Alliance Members.  Click here for more details.

Supplier Membership

Companies interested in supporting the aquaculture industry and participating in the association can also become members.  There are several different categories of supplier membership, for details and a description of benefits please see this information sheet.

To see a list of Current Supplier Members please click here.

Other Types of Membership

Individuals interested the aquaculture industry can become associate members.  There is an annual fee of $75 plus tax.

To discuss all categories of membership, membership benefits, and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Peter Warris at 902-368-2757 or by email at