Prince Edward Island cultured mussels are a protein-rich seafood product which provide many nutrients and minerals, while being low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. They are one of nature's perfect food sources!

100 grams (3.5 oz.) of mussel meat provides:

  • The same protein content per weight as beef, with only one quarter of the calories
  • 23% of the daily recommended intake of Vitamin C
  • 37% of the daily recommended intake of iron
  • Almost 100% of the daily recommended intake of zinc
  • A substantial amount of omega-3 acids
Mussels can be prepared in variety of ways and can be served hot or cold. Locally mussels are traditionally steamed, but they can also be baked, battered, deep or pan-fried, pickled or smoked.

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Mussel Food Safety Standards

Prince Edward Island cultured mussel producers work closely with provincial and federal food safety departments and are committed to the continuous provision of safe and quality products for the public market. Canada's stringent seafood safety policies, regulations and inspection standards programs, including the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program and Quality Management Program, ensure that all seafood products available to the consumer are as safe as possible from adverse micro-organisms or toxins.