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Hatchery Assistant Manager & Hatchery Technician roles (Permanent)
Borden-Carleton, PE Canada
Start Date:
June 20th, 2021
Permanent fulltime
Required Skills:
Essential Qualifications
• Basic knowledge of shellfish or fish biology
• Experience with shellfish or fish husbandry
• Basic understanding of algal culture
• Experience with Aquaculture Systems
• Attention to detail.
• Eagerness for learning and curiosity
• Must be eligible to work in Canada.

Additional Qualifications (varies by role)
• Degree or college diploma in Aquaculture or a biology-related area
• Experience in shellfish spawning and larviculture
• Experience with handheld and automated water quality monitoring equipment
• Experience with Process Logic Controllers (PLC) and SCADA systems
• Knowledge of disinfection procedures in aquaculture facilities
• Experience with photobioreactors, bag cultures and other methods of algal mass culture.
• Experience with Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS)
• Basic Knowledge of Word and Excel
Job Description:
Atlantic Aqua Farms is establishing a state-of-the-art shellfish hatchery in a new building in Borden, PEI. AAF will be hiring 2-3 positions within the next six months to staff the hatchery, including hatchery technicians and an assistant hatchery manager. Reporting directly to the hatchery manager and the director of innovation, they will be expected to undertake/manage daily tasks related to seed production and participate/lead in innovation projects. Rotational after-hours & weekend work will be required and scheduled among the team.

About the Hatchery Assistant Manager/Technician Position
The hatchery assistant manager/technician's responsibilities will vary with their skills and abilities. Specific problems you may work on include:
• Water quality monitoring
• Algal culture maintenance
• Tank maintenance
• Larval and Juvenile rearing
• Broodstock maintenance and spawning
• Record Keeping
• SOP development
• Tank cleaning and disinfection
• Support for R&D projects
Commensurate with qualifications & role applied for.
Extended group insurance and savings program included.
To Apply:
Atlantic Aqua Farms-Premium Shellfish 
Each application must include a cover letter and resume. Deadline: May 30th, 2021

Email jobs@atlanticaquafarms.com with the subject: Hatchery Roles

Must be eligible to work in Canada.