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Hatchery Technician
Type of Work:
Start Date:
Permanent fulltime
Required Skills:
Able to work morning, evening and weekend shifts
Must be well organized and able to maintain accurate, detailed records
Must be able to work both independently and as a member of a team
Must be comfortable working in a variety of environments (cold, warm, dark, etc.)
Must have excellent interpersonal skills, compatibility
Must show attention to detail, sound judgment and flexibility
Job Experience:
Willing to train
Work Schedule:
Some overtime, Shift work, Week-ends, Evenings, Weekdays
Job Description:
Position Description:
The incumbent will provide technical support for the larval rearing activities at Halibut PEI in Victoria, PEI. The duties involved with this position will require evening and weekend shifts as well as regular working hours.

Regular duties will include:
● Assist in daily husbandry duties related to halibut production of egg through larval stage
● Salt water quality monitoring
● Preparation of live feed for fish in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures
● Cleaning tanks, ensuring cleanliness of fish production area and facility
● Upholding strict biosecurity regimen and rules
● Assist in the transfer of live fish between systems
● Evaluation of live feed and larval development
● Detailed upkeep of laboratory and fish health records
● Other duties related to the operation of a fish production facility
To Apply:
Halibut PEI 
To Apply:
Email a current resume to Katryn Wright, Nursery and Grow Out Supervisor, at kwright@halibutpei.com.