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  • Points East Coastal Drive is The Blue Mussel Coast!

    July 1, 2014  Mussel Mania is happening in eastern PEI. All restaurants in the region have been invited to participate in this culinary event by adding a signature mussel dish to their menu for guests to enjoy throughout the season. 

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  • Climate Change and Aquaculture

    One of the keys to the success of our aquaculture industry is the open environment it operates in.  Combined with enabling climatic conditions, our members recognize their success is directly connected to the health of this environment.

    The condition of our water, land and air are all important contributors to our mission to successfully grow sustainable seafood. In that spirit, the PEI Aquaculture Alliance was delighted to partner with the University of Prince Edward Island and the PEI Department of Environment, Labor and Justice in co-hosting this Climate Change and Aquaculture Symposium; whichtook place on March 11th at UPEI.  The event was a tremendous success, and we want to thank everyone who participated.

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  • PEI Oyster Conference

    The first ever PEI Oyster Conference was recently held in November, 2013, at the Rodd Mill River Resort, Prince Edward Island. The conference was geared towards oyster growers and processors, academia, researchers, government, suppliers and anyone interested in the oyster industry.

    The event was a tremendous success, and we want to thank everyone who participated. CLICK HERE for copies of the Keynote and Panel presentations.
  • PEI Oyster App

    Your guide to where the best oysters in the world come from - Prince Edward Island! A snapshot of this amazing industry, interesting facts, figures, processors, and a mix of other tidbits that will help you get up close and personal with the PEI Oyster! Celebrate, Discover and Source the Best.  

    The newly developed PEI Oyster app is now available for download!
  • Finfish Industry Fueling the Success of Rural Communities

    President of the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and Owner of Dover Fish Hatchery, Leon Moyaert says, "The PEI Aquaculture Alliance is proud to represent the interests of the finfish sector in the province and recognizes the huge opportunity and economic potential for finfish aquaculture in the Province. We are excited about the bright future of this industry and recognize the significant contribution we are making to rural based economic activity and employment." Read More >
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Industry News

  • Coming to Terms with MSX and Dermo

    The U.S. Experience with Oyster Diseases, and the Bright Future for Oysters in Eastern North America

    A presentation from Dr. Ryan Carnegie of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science; covering

    • Background on the major parasites and history of their impact in the US
    • Strategies that have led to rapid industry growth despite the presence of the diseases
    • Followed by Q&A and discussion regarding development of PEI Oyster Biosecurity Plan
    With funding support from Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) in partnership with the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and the University of PEI

    Coming to Terms with MSX and Dermo
  • Island Wide Shoreline Beach Sweep

    2014 Shoreline Beach Sweep Campaign

    June 26-29, 2014

    The PEI Aquaculture Alliance has partnered with the Province of Prince Edward Island to initiate an Island-wide shoreline clean-up effort in recognition of World Oceans Day, June 8.

    Island Wide Shoreline Beach Sweep

  • PEI Aquaculture Job Fair

    Aqua Connect a Success

    The recently held Aqua Connect Job Fair in Montague PEI was a success.  This job fair offered people a chance to learn more about employment opportunities in the aquaculture sector and meet with potential employers and employees.  Ann Worth, Executive Director of the PEI Aquaculture Alliance gave  an overview of the aquaculture industry in Prince Edward Island and representatives of aquaculture farms, processing plants and fish hatcheries were on hand to share information about occupations in aquaculture and required skills for various positions.

    PEI Aquaculture Job Fair

  • Discovery Session - 3

    Top Tips for Investment Success and Planning Tips for Small Business - Stephen Cudmore, CFP - BMO Nesbitt Burns

    An interactive, entertaining and informative way to avoid investment pitfalls and achieve your goals.

    Traceability: Past, Present, and Future - Matt Sullivan - Timeless Technologies

    Traceability is a topic quickly transitioning from a purely-theoretical discussion to the established standard of requirement for food producers and processors. What does traceability mean for your operations, for your customers, and for your product? As industry oversight changes in ways that require more and more information about the full chain of your production and distribution, are you ready to meet those changes?
    Tracing products from source is required for many certifications and safety laws, but how can your response to these mandatory requirements produce tangible benefits for your business rather than serve as an obstacle that must be overcome?  Matt Sullivan of Timeless Technologies will speak about all these subjects, from his experience in building traceability software systems for the aquaculture industry, and from his working experience in the aquaculture industry in general.

    Falconry-based sea duck abatement - Justin Leyte - Master Falconer

    Master Falconer Justin Leyte will discuss the use of specific species of falcons and proprietary flying techniques to discourage sea duck predation of mussel farms.

    A copy of each of the presentations given can be found in the attached pdf
    Discovery Session - 3
  • Productivity Improvement Assessment Pilot Program

    In partnership with the National Research Council of Canada, the Productivity Improvement Assessment Program provides access to consulting resources to private sector aquaculture companies in PEI to help them achieve and / or accelerate increased productivity within all areas of their business operations. The program supports the hiring of a professional consultant to conduct an onsite business productivity assessment; with the assessment report helping to identify and prioritize operational improvements that lead to increased competitiveness, profitability and growth of the industry.

    Productivity Improvement Assessment Pilot Program Application

    Productivity Improvement Assessment Pilot Program Guidelines
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