Confederation Blue Brochettes

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Total cooking time: 15 minutes
Serves 6-8 as appetizer or 2 as entrée

0.9 kg (2 lbs) of PEI mussels
1/4 cup white wine
0.5 kg (1 lb) bacon
PEI Maple syrup (optional)
2 cup rice (optional)

Steam mussels in small amount of water (1 cm in pot) until open (5-8 minutes) and remove from shells.
Discard broth and shells
Pan fry bacon until fat becomes clear and pliable, but not too crisp
Allow to cool enough to handle comfortably
Wrap each mussel meat in a strip pf bacon and place 6-8 wrapped meats on a skewer
Broil or barbeque, rotating once with high flame/heat until bacon crisps
Drizzle with maple syrup (optional) and serve as appetizer, or on rice (optional) as entrée.

Recipe courtesy of Confederation Cove Mussel Co. Ltd., Borden-Carlton, PEI