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  • Colville Bay Oyster Company
    Colville Bay Oyster Company is a family-owned business located in Souris, PEI. They have been growing top quality cultured oysters in the pristine waters of Colville Bay since 1995. Their oysters have a distinctive aqua-green shell and the meat is plump, briny and clean tasting; "like distilled ocean". Their business has been built the old fashioned way by providing a superior product and quality service to their customers.

  • Five Star Shellfish Inc.
    Five Star Shellfish Inc. is one of Canada's premier processors of top quality Prince Edward Island shellfish. Their company takes great pride in the quality and safety of finished product that they provide and guarantee to their customers. The company harvests shellfish daily from the clean, pristine waters of their own lease sites, which are carefully managed all year round.

  • Future Seafoods Inc.
    Future Seafoods specializes in oysters. They welcome you to come in and see the way they nurture the young oysters to bring their customers an exceptional delicacy. They feel that growing oysters is not just a job but a way of life and the entire company has a deep commitment to the environment and the sustainability of precious natural resources.

  • L&C Fisheries
    Green Gables Mussels Inc. started operations as L&C Fisheries in the spring of 1978. The family-owned business is located in French River, PEI. In 1997 the company began processing cultured mussels under the brand name, Green Gables Mussels, and has continued to grow since then. L&C Fisheries takes a hands-on approach to processing, which ensures that their product retains all of its natural flavour.

  • Leslie Hardy & Sons Ltd.
    Leslie Hardy & Sons Ltd., located in East Bideford PEI is a major shellfish shipping company. Owners and operators, Leslie Hardy and his sons take pride in the quality and delicious taste of the seafood that the fresh clean waters of PEI have to offer. Once you have tasted it they are sure you will agree. Their motto is: For the Love of Oysters, and they love farming oysters!

  • Prince Edward Aqua Farms
    Prince Edward Aqua Farms of New London, Prince Edward Island has been processing top quality shellfish since 1989. Oysters from Prince Edward Aqua Farms are recognized for their fresh and tender meat which is a result of being packaged in their natural fluids and the facility's expedited shipping practices.

  • Raspberry Point Oysters
    For the oyster lover, Raspberry Point Oysters are much prized and sought after for their wonderful salty taste, clean flavour, and distinct sweet aftertaste.  The Raspberry Point Oyster Co. also markets Daisy Bay, Pickle Point, Lucky Limes, Shiny Sea, and Irish Point brands.

  • Rodney's Oyster Depot
    Rodney's Oyster Depot is as much about where, as what. The merroir of their leases create the best there is to offer in size, shape, and most importantly taste. Rodney's Oyster Depot is a family enterprise, and even those who aren't family feel like they are.