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  • Outlook for Oyster Markets in North America and Beyond

    We were lucky enough to be able to have John Sackton, founder and publisher of Seafood.com News, as our guest speaker at the recent Island Oyster Growers Group annual general meeting.  John is a globally recognized expert in seafood and fisheries markets.Outlook for Oyster Markets in North America and Beyond
  • Atlantic Fisheries Fund Presentation

    The attached presentation was given at each of the sector AGM's in the spring of 2018.  It provides details on the Atlantic Fisheries Fund.Atlantic Fisheries Fund Presentation
  • Alternative and Emerging Species Workshop

    The main goal of the workshop was to inform aquaculturists of opportunities that may exist in the culture of emerging species or in the alternative use of production products or by-products from aquaculture production. Speakers included aquaculturists, product developers, researchers, service providers and potential project funders.  Attendees were encouraged to participate and share ideas and experiences.

    The proceedings provide a summary of the presentations and discussions.  The workshop explored the opportunities that emerging and alternative species and processes may present to aquaculturists, indicated possible paths forward for new developments and identified challenges that have been or may be faced with their application.

    For links to the full proceedings, and available presentations, please open the pdf below.Alternative and Emerging Species Workshop
  • Coming to Terms with MSX and Dermo

    The U.S. Experience with Oyster Diseases, and the Bright Future for Oysters in Eastern North America

    A presentation from Dr. Ryan Carnegie of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science; covering

    • Background on the major parasites and history of their impact in the US
    • Strategies that have led to rapid industry growth despite the presence of the diseases
    • Followed by Q&A and discussion regarding development of PEI Oyster Biosecurity Plan
    With funding support from Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC) in partnership with the PEI Aquaculture Alliance and the University of PEI

    Coming to Terms with MSX and Dermo