Prince Edward Island is located in the Gulf of St.Lawrence, off the Atlantic Coast of Canada.

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The Oyster Aquaculture Infrastructure and Training (OIT) Program

We are pleased to announce that the Alliance has been successful in securing $4.8 million dollars from the Atlantic Fisheries Fund for the new Oyster Infrastructure and Training (OIT) Program.

The purpose of the OIT Program is to assist oyster aquaculture operations to:
  1. Purchase  equipment intended  to  address  labour  shortages  through  increased  product handling  capabilities, to expand  oyster  seed  rearing  capacity,  to enhance  traceability  and  record keeping, or to improve the maintenance of product quality during harvesting and transport.
  2. Access training and educational opportunities to enhance professional and business skills and to prepare employees with necessary basic skills.
We  have  been  hard  at  work  doing all  the  necessary  background  administration  and  preparing documentation for the program, as well as hiring a dedicated Program Officer, Melvina Pasher, who started in July.

Initially the Program will be focused on a backlog of some fifty or more existing applications.  However, we are open for new applications and the guidelines and application form can be downloaded from our website.

To discuss the OIT Program in more detail please contact Peter Warris, Director of Projects and Industry Liaison at 902-626-8197 or e-mail

To submit an application via e-mail please send to Mel Pasher at